wholesale to the trade only
iN0120 Amethyst
iN0422 Amethyst
iN1323 Citrine
iN13-PT23 Citrine
iN4123 Smokey Quartz
iN60-BF18 Lavender Aura Quartz
iN70-LB18 Aura Quartz
iN0221 Amethyst
iN0825 Amethyst
iN13-BU24 Citrine
iN2119 Clear Quartz
iN3120 Rose Quartz
iN90-DF18 Rainbow Aura Quartz
iN70-OM18 Aura Quartz
iN0322 Amethyst
iN0924 Amethyst
iN13-CK23 Citrine
iN2219 Clear Quartz
iN3221 Rose Quartz
iN8021 Melon Aura Quartz
iN70-TR18 Aura Quartz